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Frequently asked questions

1. Do i need to get whitelisted?
No one is forcing you to register your IP. It's perfect ok to send mails from systems not registered in whitelists.
Since it becomes harder even for legit senders to pass all the spamfilters out there, whitelisting can be an option to increase your
delivery success. It's up to you to decide if you need or don't need to register at ips.whitelisted.org.
We strongly recommend to register with ips.whitelisted.org if you are NOT a spammer / abuser but your mail gets blocked because:
- there is only one provider in your country that doesn't care about spammers and therfore you cannot change your provider.
- you have chosen a spamfriendly provider without knowledge and you are bound to the contract with them for some time.
- you live in a country that is known to emmit lots of spam and that is often blocked in total by others.
- your IP shows up in DIALUP-blocklists, Neighborhood-blocklists, ASN-blocklists.

2. Who should NOT register at ips.whitelisted.org?
- Persons that do not run their own mailrelay. It doesn't make sense to register your providers mailserver.
- Persons that do not know how to secure and run a mailrelay in a responsible way.
- Persons that got their machines infected by Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses and other malware in the past.
- Persons that managed to get listed in UCEPROTECT-Level 1 or IPS.BACKSCATTERER.ORG in the past.
- Persons that can not make sure that there will NEVER any abuse originate from their IP.
- Marketing companies that are sending OPT-OUT mails. If you send OPT-OUT mails, registration is nothing than a waste of money.
- Spammers. We will remove you from the whitelist and put you on the blocklist immeditaley as soon as we see you spamming.

3. Why do you charge for whitelisting?
Because that is the only way to ensure that spammers / abusers will not register their IP's.
Registration is very cheap, possible registration periods are at this time:
1 Month (25 CHF), 6 Month (50 CHF), 12 Month (70 CHF), 24 Month (90 CHF)
The longer the registration period, the cheaper the monthly costs.

4. Why is ips.whitelisted.org high trusted?
Different to most other whitelists there are no LOW-TRUSTED or MEDIUM-TRUSTED IP's registered at ips.whitelisted.org
One single spammail, even a portscan originating from registered IP's is enough to drop them from ips.whitelisted.org immediatley.
Therfore EVERY IP registered with ips.whitelisted.org should be handled as HIGH-TRUSTED, even if that IP is inside a bad neigborhood.

5. I want to use ips.whitelisted.org in a scoring system, what score do you recommend?
We recommend to score -100, if +5 is what triggers a spam-tag at your system. (Spamassasin)

6. I'm the maintainer of a blocklist, should i exclude IP's registered at ips.whitelisted.org from my blocklist?
Yes, if you are maintaining a CIDR or ASN-Blocklist. No, if your are maintaining a blocklist that lists single IP's only.
For e.G. UCEPROTECT-Network excludes IP's registered at ips.whitelisted.org from Levels 2 (which lists spammy network ranges) and Level 3
(which lists spammy ASN's in complete), but there would NEVER be an exlusion from Level 0 (Abusive IP's nominated for blocklisting)
nor from Level 1 (Abusive and blocklisted single IP's).

7. I'm the maintainer of a whitelist, may i add the IP's registered at ips.whitelisted.org to my own zone too?
Yes of course, we would appreciate it and you will increase the quality of your whitelist by doing so.
If you do so, we would be happy if you would set a link to http://www.whitelisted.org anywhere on your website.

8. Under what license is ips.whitelisted.org published?
See: http://www.whitelisted.org/?go=license

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