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How to use ips.whitelisted.org in your MTA or spamfilter

You can use ips.whitelisted.org in different ways to improve your existing system and protect against false-positives.

Because ips.whitelisted.org is extreme unlike to contain IP's that will be a source for spamming, portscanning or hacking attempts,
we strongly recommend to accept emails from registered IP's immediatley and to bypass other tests to save resources at your end.

It is of course also possible to use ips.whitelisted.org in a scoring system or in combination with other anti-spam measures.

Please always query the zone 'ips.whitelisted.org'. The standard test record is, which you can test manually
nslookup has address

For questions how to query ips.whitelisted.org with your software please consult your MTA's or spamfilters manual.
Here we have some examples in case you want to use ips.whitelisted.org for scoring or to circumvent greylisting.

Example to whiteliste registered IP's in SpamAssassin

header RCVD_IN_WHITELISTED eval:check_rbl('whitelisted', 'ips.whitelisted.org.')

Example how to exclude registered IP's from Milter-greylisting

dnsrbl "WHITELISTED" ips.whitelisted.org
racl whitelist dnsrbl "WHITELISTED"

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